An Open Letter to Santa



Hello! I hope you’ve gotten your rest for the days ahead. I have a big list and you’ll need your strength to pull it off for me.   Well a few months ago I ask for a carnival trailer. Now I cannot say for sure but I really think that the GINOURMOUS package wrapped up in the back of the office is it! Like I said I can’t be sure but it’s a pretty good guess.

So since I have already gotten the one and only thing I have wanted, I thought it would be a good idea to get some things for my friends. We all work together and they are more than friends, they are like family to me. If you could put everything right next to my carnival trailer…I mean…my surprise present, everyone will be so excited!

Here is what I need….

• A flat Screen for Jordan.
• A Donovan Mcnabb jersey (pink), please for Lori.
• Two tickets to Nassau, Bahamas for Tane’ Ya so that she can visit her sisters and brothers.
• Peace at Karen’s house…please make her daughters stop fighting.
• Some balance and time off for Kelly to spend with her family and friends.
• Please get Dave and his family back to WARM Atlanta (compared to Michigan, anyplace is warm) safely!
• Some time off with family for Geb.
•  A little respect for the hard work that our VP of Security, Murphy does everyday.

I think that’s it Santa.  Whatever you can do, we here at Amusement Masters will be grateful.  We appreciate you and your hard work Santa – take care!!
Gigi (The hardest working, cutest, most thoughtful, caring Game Girl ever)

Game Girl’s Game of the Week: Chroma Crystal Ornaments

I know you are probably running around trying to find that perfect gifts for family and friends. You overslept on Black Friday and just have been hoping that there will be more deals out there. I have the perfect idea this week that will take care of everyone on your list, including your Secret Santa!  I couldn’t believe that I have discovered something that will make everyone happy this year.  You are going to love me when you are able to sit back and relax while everyone else is still hoping for another Black Friday deal!    

This week it’s about the Glass Crystal Ornaments!  I know what you’re thinking but for real…this is not just any ornament!  It’s a Glass Crystal Ornament that you can personalize with a photo inside.  You will have everyone talking year after year when they pull out this special ornament for their holiday decorating.  And with clients, this is a no brainer!   Your clients don’t need another fruit basket with bad jellies and stale crackers or those boring calendars!   Imagine their surprise when they receive that special gift with that photo you took at your last event.  This is the gift that really does keep on giving. 

These special ornaments can be done at your next event.  This will make this one of the most memorable events they’ve ever attended. Let me know how we can make this part of your next event.  There’s still time to make these special gifts… just in time to make it on Santa’s sleigh!  So my pick for Game of the Week or even Gift of the Week – Glass Crystal Ornaments!


Glass Crystal Ornaments

With all that is going on, special gifts are even more meaningful this year.   Amusement Masters is pleased to announce Crystal Glass Ornaments as a new option with your event planning and gift giving needs.

This unique gift is a keepsake that will be sure to be a family heirloom.   Crystal Ornament can be as personal as you would like them with company logos, family pictures and team pictures.   Amusement Masters will put together the Xmas orn3most treasured gifts by just encasing a high resolution photo.   Let Amusement Masters help you with making your next event memorable with these special keepsakes. 


Visit us at to learn more about this year’s new hot item.  Xmas orn2

Xmas orn1