Breaking News:Amusement Masters Live with Dance Heads

Holy Cow – we are going to be LIVE on TV tomorrow night!!   You have to catch me making my LIVE debut. Oh yeah, weare featuring Dance Heads too!  See the “OFFICIAL” Press Release.  They accidentally left my name off, but that’s okay, cause I’m going to be on TV!

Catch us live on CBS Atlanta, Channel 46, Saturday, October 31st at 7pm, right after the game and click on the Dance Heads logo for a demo!




Atlanta, October 30, 2009- Atlanta based interactive game and amusement company Amusement Masters and their premiere product, Dance Heads, will be featured on CBS Atlanta’s Primetime show  Live on Saturday, October 31 at 7pm EST on Channel 46 Atlanta.
Following the Georgia Bulldogs at Florida Gators football game, Amusement Masters will have fun with the Better Morning Atlanta Hosts while showcasing Dance Heads.  Kelly Smink, owner of Amusement Masters says “This is our second year bringing Dance Heads to CBS Atlanta.  We are honored by the request to do the show live with them this year.” Senior Account Executive Karen Scullion and Account Manager Tane’Ya Shavers will present Dance Heads and walk the Better Morning Atlanta Hosts through a few songs – guaranteed to bring a few laughs!
Dance Heads® superimposes participants’ heads on professional dancers’ bodies while they lip sync to some of the greatest pop hits of all time. The mesmerizing effect is completed with fully animated backgrounds. Up to three guests at a time can lip sync to the song while their animated bodies dance to the music.  Amusement Masters is a licensed provider of Dance Heads®, the video green screen marvel which is garnering attention and raves from audiences nationwide, making it the “must have” activity for any event or party.

Amusement Masters is an amusement company that provides comprehensive interactive solutions for a diverse range of clients nationwide. Their team has proven expertise in creating great experiences through an approach of fun and professionalism.
If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, please call (770) 451-9111 or e-mail Kelly at

Game Girl’s Game of the Week: Say Cheese!

So I had to pull out this photo booth and get it prepped for a wedding this weekend and a Bar Mitzvah the following week and it came to me….Why not feature them as my Game of the Week?!  True they are not games, more like novelties, but trust me, Photo Booths are HAWT!!!  (That’s my new way of saying Hot, Cool, Fresh…you know?)  Anyways, what’s not to like about having a photo booth  at your event just ready to capture photos of your guests having a blast!  The photos come out INSTANTLY on strips, and if you provide a photo album, your guests can leave a photo and take the rest – How Cool!  Even better, we at Amusement Masters, can totally customize the photos strips with your event logo, date, etc.  It’s up to you how much you want to customize. 

My pick for Game of the Week is Photo Booths (Vintage & Trio), not because it’s in the middle of the showroom floor, but because no one can resist jumping in and having their photos made.  Trust me – it will be a really cool enhancement at your next event!  Have I led you wrong yet?



No one will miss a Photo Opportunity with these amazing Photo Booths! Whether you’re looking for retro, trendy or a completely different, eye-catching booth, Amusement Masters will not disappoint!

Vintage Photo Booth
The Vintage Photo Booth is the perfect way to capture and share memories from your special events and  celebrations. It’s retro look fits into any event occasion.
Trio Photo Booth 
  Photo Cube
The Trio Photo Booth offers a variety of options that are sure to please.
Customization is an option on both the Vintage and Trio Photo Booths. 
Some options include: Photo Cubes, Photo Strips, Instant Replay and more.
CONTACT US to discuss the many customization options we can offer you.

Photo Strips
GET A QUOTE for Customization.

Game Girl’s Game of the Week: Casino Party Time

A Casino Party  is the perfect customizable event.  Whether it’s for networking, fundraising, themed parties or just plain fun – a Casino Party  is the way to go to take your event to the next level.  The great thing about casino parties is that it’s fun for all ages!

We can customize playing cards, play money, poker chips, cigars, green screen photos to match your event theme and so much more.  Our dealers know their stuff – too!  And if you want an Emcee or DJ – we’ve got you covered.

I am going to have the  crew setup a Texas Hold ‘Em table and I will deal you a hand or two – call me first, though, cause I can show you some samples of chips and money with YOUR logo on ‘em.


Amusement Masters’ Casino Party is my pick for Game of the Week – it will be yours too!




There is nothing that comes as close to a Las Vegas Casino as an Amusement Masters’ Casino Party. The atmosphere is Infectious, Fun and Exciting.
Amusement Masters can provide you with an unforgettable Casino experience with our state of the art Casino Game Tables and our experienced & professional dealers you’ll forget where you are. 
*Craps pictured above.

BlackjackA Vegas standard for every casino, Blackjack is easy to learn and fun to play.





Texas Hold’em
 The hottest Vegas card game around, Texas Hold’em will keep your guests entertained for hours.

ROULETTE (2)Choose your color, spin the wheel and see if the ball drops on your color.





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Skill StoppersVideo Horse Racing